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Stephanie Brown graduates from high school off-panel, is a student at Gotham University, and is still living with her mother. Cassandra Cain has apparently become disillusioned following Bruce Wayne's apparent death and gives Stephanie her Batgirl costume. After operating as the new Batgirl in. Stephanie Brown is Batgirl—and now, she must learn to balance school and crime-fighting or face the wrath of Barbara Gordon! With guest appearances from Batman and Robin and villains like Man-Bat and Scarecrow, Batgirl steps up to the mantle! Plus, Batgirl must stop a nanovirus that will turn the citizens of Gotham City. Stephanie Brown not only worked beside Cassandra Cain, but also succeeded her as Batgirl. One night, after Bruce Wayne's apparent death, they were fighting a group of thugs; when the fighting ended, Cain simply took off her outfit saying that since Batman was gone she saw no reason to continue wearing the costume .

BATGIRL: STEPHANIE BROWN VOL. 1 features classic stories written by BRYAN Q. MILLER (Smallville) with art by Lee Garbett (LUCIFER), Trevor Scott (EARTH 2 ) and others. Stephanie Brown is no stranger to crime-fighting. She's taken down criminals as the Spoiler and worked with Batman to keep Gotham safe, but. : Batgirl: Stephanie Brown Vol. 2 (): Bryan Q. Miller: Books. Batgirl: Stephanie Brown Vol. 1. Bryan Q. Miller . Not only did the editors at DC replace Stephanie Brown with Barbara Gordon, but they rewrote the continuity so that Brown was never Batgirl to begin with. After reading the first Stephanie Brown is an amazing Batgirl, because she is so relatable. She is smart, fit, and a .

Aug 5, Making a deal with her mother, Stephanie Brown decided to have one last outing as Spoiler. Yet after the events of Batman R.I.P. Stephanie took the mantle as Batgirl. Cassandra gave Stephanie her costume after they took down a group of thugs at the docks. She has become disillusioned after Bruce. Dec 2, Once upon a time, Stephanie Brown was Batgirl. Then she wasn't. It was a bit of a thing. Despite the character once being described as “toxic” at DC Comics, she has returned to Detective Comics as Spoiler. But some still yearn for her days under the Batcowl. Well, next year you will at least be able to revisit. Oct 14, It may not have inspired DC's new direction, but Stephanie Brown's Batgirl is the blueprint for Rebirth comics.


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