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How to allegro on dev c++ download

How to allegro on dev c++

Here's a detailed guide: ?title=Dev-C%2B%2B. It applies to Allegro * as well. The Allegro Guide. General» Windows» Dev-C++ 5» Using Allegro. I. Creating a Project. Using Allegro with Dev-C++ is simple once you get the workspace configured. For most applications, you will want to use a "Windows Application" and link against the optimized library. We are assuming you already have Allegro . Installing the new Orwell Dev C++. This is a temporary correction to installation instructions for Dev-C++. For now, I am leaving the old instructions below. Okay, so briefly, here is what you need to do: Go to the Orwell Dev-C++ website (link opens new window); Scroll down the page (below what is currently the

NOTE: This article was originally written a long time ago. I no longer use Dev-C ++ as I have found Code::Blocks to be all-around better (in my opinion.) This information is provided for those who do wish to use Dev-C++. If you have not installed Dev-C++, I would recommend looking at Code::Blocks, or even Visual C++. i copy simple code from a tutorial web site into Dev-C++ and when i compiled it, it came up with several errors, it included allegro.h. this shouldnt be happening and i did load the lip_allergo.a i redownloaded from a different site and switched the files and it did the same thing so the file isnt corrupted. 19 Apr Hi, I downloaded the latest allegro source but couldn't seem to set it up. I unzipped allegro folder into the devcpp folder in C:\\. I ran 'fix mingw3.


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