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Incredible warrior tricks 2

23 Jan A Warrior / PvP movie by Swifty. From the creator of Incredible Warrior Tricks 1, hall of fame warrior Swifty from the US Server Darkspear goes face to. 31 Aug Song identification of video "Songs in "Swift" Youtube id VNgGCGl0_S0 by www. Swifty is still going with his one shot macros to this day. Dude is like Those videos are sick though, I know he is a bit of a meme but his production quality was so high considering what PvP videos looked like normally back then ( Disturbed, spinny camera, clicking Recklessness to kill an AFK clothie etc).

22 Aug Anyways, as the subject says, i am searching for what music Swifty is using in his video "Incredible warrior tricks"? All song names would be on the movie page -. - Although I know for a fact the first song used is "apocalyptica - Path Vol 2 (feat Sandra Nasic)", which OWNS cause she is from Guano Apes.


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