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FAQ. I purchased a SCALABLE solution. How do I get my software and user licenses? When SCALABLE receives a Purchase Order, an email address for the customer Primary Contact is specified. We send an email to that address with a password and a URL for the software and license download page. Page 2 . QualNet g Commercial derivative of GloMoSim. iSubstantially expanded MANET models: •AODV, DSR, OLSR, TBRPF, DCF, PCF,. a, directional antennas, iGUI-based model design, animation, & analysis. iCommercial protocol & device models. iMilitary comm models. iTraining, support. Market leader in network modeling and simulation. QualNet: for accurate faster- than-real-time network simulations that can scale to large enterprise-wide systems. EXata: for real-time network emulation and system-in-the-loop operation (integrating hardware, applications, and humans).

The QualNet® network simulation software (QualNet) is a planning, testing and training tool that "mimics" the behavior of a real communications network. Simulation is a cost-effective method for developing, deploying and managing network-centric systems throughout their entire lifecycle. Users can evaluate the basic. They are supported on Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8, and CentOS , Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Ubuntu LTS. The upgrades are available free of charge to all customers covered under a current software maintenance agreement via their online download page. ###. QualNet and EXata are registered. Page 1. The QualNet Product Family. The QualNet Product Family consists of QualNet. Developer, which runs in sequential or parallel mode, plus a number of add-on model QualNet Developer is ultra high-fidelity network simula- tion software that predicts wireless, wired and mixed- platform network and networking.

Page 1 QualNet® software (QualNet) is a tool for scientists, engineers and network planners to create virtual models QualNet Developer. ▫ Design Mode: Create virtual network models (and create new protocol and waveform component models). ▫ Visualize Mode: Define and execute operational scenarios in simulation. Page 1. QualNet Network Emualtion Interface Model Library 1. QualNet Network Emulation Interface. Model Library. February Scalable Network Technologies, Inc. Center Drive West, Suite Los Angeles, CA It sniffs packets from the physical network, sends packets through the QualNet simulation . 1. The folder "$QUALNET_HOME\libraries\[library name]" exists on your machine . If it doesn't exist, the library is not installed on your machine. Please install the library from your. QualNet download page. If you do not have the library on your download page, please contact [email protected] requesting the same ( please.


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