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The game's been completely reworked to work on iPad's and iPhone 5. - Now TableDrum is a Universal app which works natively on iPads with new graphics. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. A picture is worth a thousand words they say. We recorded a video to show you how TableDrum works with 25 fps. So here is well over a million words from Patrik to convince you to throw out your old dusty drum set and get the app instead. Enjoy!. 16 Aug The TableDrum app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch transforms rhythmic tapping on just about any surface into real-time virtual drum sounds.

TableDrum. likes. Drums are the oldest musical instrument, and the basic design has not changed much for thousands of years. In the beginning. 17 Aug Have you ever been stuck on a train/plane/bus or in a restaurant/classroom/ meeting with a finger drummer? Finger drummers are those fidgety idiots who can't help but tap-tappity-tap away at anything that will make an annoying noise: tabletops, the arms of seats, tupperware lunch boxes, anything. 22 Aug Drumming on a table, for some, could be construed as a rather bad habit and something to be avoided in polite society - much like picking your nose and eating it. However, like eating your own bogies, practitioners of table tapping clearly garner much pleasure from the habit; so it is with this in mind that.


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