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Yogscast tekkit server world

Important: This is NOT a % replica of the Yogscast Tekkit world. Instead it is a recreation that is almost the same. For example, the Wall of Machines still stands because I like it, while in the real Yogscast map Lewis destroyed it. Schematic is of the Pre-War Old server House that Duncan build - this isn't on the Yogscast's. People decided to act super nice and scream and swear when I didn't update on time Well I'm not going to update it anymore. Everyone just go on Tekkit create a new world and make yourself an awesome map. Be creative This project is abandoned Ps. I have the world up to date I was going to upload. The Yogscast's Tekkit series used the Tekkit Classic modpack for Minecraft , available through the Technic Launcher. Unfortunately, Tekkit A lot of players from the old Tekkit server (which Sjin and Duncan destroyed) have still not been seen on the new server. The seed for the Tekkit world is unknown. a year ago.

Rule The World is Sjin's Minecraft series on the Flux Buddies Server that runs Resonant Rise 3. Jaffa Factory was a Tekkit series from the Yogscast team that shows the follies of Lewis, Simon, and Duncan on their quest to create a working Jaffa Cake factory. it would take a lot of time and effort; something they do not seem to have considering how long it took just to get their world over to the Feed the Beast server. 10 Mar A FANDOM user. Follow. 0 Kudos. Tekkit Seed · A FANDOM user Is there a way to know the seed for this world? I want to recreate a little of it (like Blackrock, Duncans castle and others) but I would need the seed to build it correctly (because we have all the coordinates). Loading editor. , March 8,

There has been several attempts to make a geographical map of the Tekkit server, and lately a very nice map made from stitched together screens of Rei's . Im just trying to explain that if they gave out the seed for people who want to play on the same generated world as they did it wouldn't be a problem. I have been recreating the yogscast server in a feed the beast pack as part of a bigger project. I currently have Honeydew Inc, Sipsco, Duncan's Cas.


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