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Erebus is an Open Source RPG (Role-Playing Game), for PCs, smartphones, tablets and handhelds. This is currently under development and in its early stages, though already playable with three quests, as well as having randomly generated dungeons to explore. Video of gameplay (v). Features: Classic point-n-click. Erebus is a 2D real-time role-playing game, for Windows, Linux, Symbian and Android. This is under development, though already playable with three quests. Classic point-n-click style RPG, with dungeons to explore, enemies to fight, NPCs to talk to, sub-quests to complete, scenery to interact with, weapons, treasure and . 31 Jan Erebus2 is an action RPG where the fun comes from hunting monsters via its unique combat style. Among the different gear available, equip and evolve yourself as your level progresses. Feel the progression system interact with you and eventually become strong enough to take on the daily Territory.

Outspark has a new pop up notice on the official Erebus: Travia Reborn site that indicates that and agreement has been reached between developers and Outspark to end publication of the game. Erebus's release date has changed several times over the past six months or so. This ends speculation about the game's future. The manifestation of the negative energies, wishes, and desires of humankind. It is the final boss in the expansion of Persona 3 FES, The Answer. Erebus II is a free to play action MMORPG reminiscent of the popular Diablo series, but with an open, persistent world where you can encounter other players. Pick between four unique classes to grind for loot in the game's outside world, completing kill quests for villagers, joining parties with other players, and participating.

About. You've woken up in what appears to be a cell in an abandoned prison. It is dark, but there is a light coming from a flashlight on the floor just outside the bars.. . Erebus is a first person horror game set in the Penitence County Correctional Facility. While exploring the countryside, the player entered the prison out of.


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